*groan* Nathan, I made chocolate chip cookies for you, like I promised. Now I’m tired…gotta get to bed soon. Work in the a.m. Share with the guys if you’d like.

Thanks! You’re awesome.

Nice chick! Isch sche schingle? Oh well cookiesch are juscht asch great.

Ahaha! Yes, I am single ;) LOL I’ll only bake cookies specially for the band.

Nathan has a pretty wicked cool profile. Just sayin’. ;3
Toki, if you pass out around me, this will happen. ^///^ Warning you now!
I HAVE SO MUCH FEELS FOR YOU, NATHAN! I want to hold you…Just let me hold you…and cry. 
i found this old doodle of toki that i did last year on my dA page! bwahahahaha!!!! penis. :D his hair is wrong.
I honestly don’t like Skwisgaar very much, but I had fun making him into a sexy, chibi doodle. XD Look out ladies, the bulge in his speedo means he is ready for action!
shionyazawa , this one’s for you!
Me & Nate having a drink and chillin’. I love Nathan. I love his “big brother” personality. Deep down, he cares about his bandmates, and will have their backs if anyone fucks with ‘em. I’d love to have him as a friend (and see him punch the piss outta someone if they bother me lol).
Nathan. Looking a little emotional. OuO I like the way this turned out (except the bg..bgs are always a butt >:/ ) click for higher res. if u like!
I like drawing hair~ Nathan has some nice hair~
I was listening to this song called “Play Dead” by Bjork, BUT it was a remake version by a fellow named Pain - who made a rock/metal version…aaaaaand I imagined Nathan singing it. It’d be cool of Dethklok made their own version of the song. :D Anyway, if you haven’t heard it, you should.
Here’s the original by Bjork and the cover by Pain. Listen to it. I COMMAND YOU! please? :<
LMFAO. This is dedicated to: admin-ooc,  miyukikabuki, phoenixophelia . Thanks for the suggestions…I decided to combine them. C:< This is now my favorite picture of the day!!
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